About Us

Sal’s Roadside Eatery is owned and operated by local residents German “Sal” and Milja Saldarriaga. In 2006, the couple moved to the Fort Mill area. They were both born and raised in Queens, New York. Since the very beginning, one of the common passions shared by this couple was the love of cooking and food. Living in New York City, offered a bastion of opportunity to savor many different ethnic and diverse culinary morsels.

Since his teenage years, Sal worked in the street festivals of NYC. He would help run several game trailers and a food trailer. This trailer would serve sausage and peppers, hot dogs, egg plant parmesan, shish-kabobs and bracciole. Serving massive crowds of people helped develop his line cook and preparation skills. That is where his love of cooking began. While working for the NYPD, he would fire up the grill and feed his fellow officers and a yearly 4th of July barbeque that feed a crowd of nearly 80 people, into the late hours of the night. He would always host dinner parties at his house, because he would love to feed his friends & family. An avid Food Network fan, he would love to try new recipes and elevate his skills. After moving down south, true barbeque became his new challenge and with two long time friends they formed a competition BBQ team. In two short years, they won 1st place wins in Pork Butt, Brisket, and Chicken and a 2nd place in Ribs, in several KCBS (Kansas City Barbeque Society) and other local contests.

Milja on the other hand loved to bake. Being the youngest of three girls, she never really was allowed in the kitchen. Her mother would fear she would get hurt. As she got older and her sisters left the house she was able to “dabble” more and more in the kitchen. She continued to expand her love for baking, but started making certain dishes. She loved to make dinner for her family and eagerly anticipated the look of surprise & enjoyment on their faces. She started to experiment with new dishes and old traditional Hispanic classics. Dessert was her favorite to make, but savory dishes were never too far behind.

This couple truly enjoys cooking together and is always at church functions and social events to work in the kitchen or offer their cooking skills. Anyone who has tasted their cooking has always praised their dedication and fascination. Now, they are coming to an area near you to indulge you with their tasty cuisine.